Over The Moon


The Moon inspires a certain fascination: it’s distant, it’s mystic, it’s secretive. We only ever see one side of the Moon from Earth. In 2019 it was 50 years since the first human set foot on the Moon. This musical Moon programme celebrates and explores the origins of the Moon’s enchantment over us. The space race, fly me to the Moon - our everlasting fascination with travelling to the Moon, Jules Verne’s “From the Earth to the Moon”, romantic Moon gazing, sleep, dreams and the Sandman, moonlight and lotus flowers, Galileo and his Moon mapping, the European Space Agency’s Moon village, the dark side of the Moon, werewolves, tides and eclipses, supernatural powers, mythology, Eagles that landed, Apollo the god of music … and many other references in historic and contemporary culture. But - how did they make it into music? This is what we will tell in our programme, combined with some beautiful photography and other special visual and musical effects.




Susanne Mecklenburg | voice

William Hancox | piano

Gareth Davies | photography & video

Leander Reininghaus | electronic music improvisation


Programme and artists
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